Douglas murray MUSLIM SETTLERS

Douglas Murray’s new book: ‘The Strange Death of Europe’…….

It’s amazing to watch this scenario ply itself out, in spite of all the warnings…..

Is Europe committing suicide? Controversial book claims elites in UK and the Continent are encouraging mass immigration because they’ve lost faith in historic Christian values

Book claims elites in UK are encouraging mass immigration 


Journalist Douglas Murray (top right) writes in his new book The Strange Death Of Europe (bottom right) that our political leaders have knowingly colluded in the ‘mass movement of peoples into Europe’. Second, he believes Europe’s intellectual and cultural elites, including those in Britain, have ‘lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy’. Crippled with guilt, obsessed with atoning for the sins of empire, they have lost sight of the historic Christian values that their people expect them to defend. As a result of their deluded utopianism, Murray thinks, Europe is ceasing to be Europe.


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  1. What I may ask, would be the controversy as this work is judged? Any leftist could not refute any of the facts in the book, so any controversy is based entirely on emotion.

    But then again, the West has no stomach for reality, yet. Instead we fawn over style and superficialities in our politics.

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