Israel Self Reliance Paleostinians

Video of Arabs surrounding and beating an Israeli car before forcing driver to shoot in fear of his life…….

When I visited Israel last year, hosted by Brian of London, we (Brian, Tommy Robinson and a couple of others) drove through ancient Judea and Samaria on the same road, very near where this incident took place.


We were all bottled up in traffic with Israeli and P.A. Arab vehicles. What this Israeli went through, any Israeli or visitor to the area could experience at any given time. I haven’t a clue as to what set the mob off, they see Israeli licence plates on a daily basis, but all it takes is for one Arab to get it into his mind that he wants to cause trouble and the rest will follow.


We had a good experience, and overwhelmingly most do, but the thought of getting stuck in traffic and something volatile happening is never too far away. This driver was in a hostile situation and feared for his life, I would have done the same to protect myself.

Watch the Attempted Lynch in Huwara

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