Sweden Totalitarian Ideologies

Swedish government places Israeli ambassador and just about anyone it doesn’t like on online register…….

This is the equivalent of Mao’s China during the cultural revolution.

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Swedish government registers Israeli ambassador, opposition politicians and journalists as “disseminators of online hatred”

“’Approximately 12 000 international and Swedish accounts that engage in baiting, threats, hatred and incitement against immigrants, women and LGBTQ-persons, but also against organizations that are committed to human rights. These accounts often have a right-wing extremist and/or a neo-Nazi tendency, and they also incite to violence,’ The Swedish Institute explains on its website.”


Predictably, the Swedish Institute is not being honest. Their list doesn’t consist solely of those who threaten and incite violence against people, or of neo-Nazis and the like. It also contains legitimate opposition voices, people who have never called for or justified violence, and people who are not remotely neo-Nazis. Do you really think the Israeli ambassador to Sweden engages in “baiting, threats, hatred and incitement against immigrants, women and LGBTQ-persons”? (Actually, thoroughly propagandized Leftists probably do.) Sweden Democrat parliamentarian Kent Ekeroth is on the list, as am I. The Swedish government would probably insist that we are both neo-Nazis or some such, but would be abjectly incapable of backing up its smears with any actual evidence. Ekeroth and I are on the list for the crime of opposing the government-sponsored Muslim migrant influx that has already transformed Swedish society forever, made Stockholm the rape capital of the world, and heralds the demise of Sweden as a free nation. The Swedish government that has made all that happen is determined to go down with the ship, and to demonize to the very last those who are offering lifeboats.


You can see here if you’re on the list. The article is in Swedish; you’ll find the search box at the article’s end.

“Israeli Ambassador, politicians and journalists are registered as disseminators of online hatred by the Swedish State,” by Chang Frick, NyheterIdag, May 16, 2017:

STOCKHOLM Thousands of people have been registered by the Swedish public agency “The Swedish Institute”, an agency subordinate to the Swedish Foreign Office, as potential or active disseminators of online hatred. On the list, there are diplomates [sic], politicians, journalists and thousands of Swedish citizens.
On Monday, the Swedish public agency The Swedish Institute, which is subordinate to the Swedish Foreign Office, reported that it had drawn up a list of Twitter users that are engaged in, or potentially may engage in, dissemination of online hatred.
The list is used to block users that follow the Twitter account @sweden, which is owned and administered by The Swedish Institute.
The account @sweden is handed over every week to a Swedish citizen who is allowed to use this channel to promote Sweden internationally. One of these users got an approval from The Swedish Institute to apply her private blocking list on the agency’s account.


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