Finland: Minister of finance thinks EU funding should be held from states which refuse migrant quota…….

This guy whose last name literally means ”orphan” is a complete joke. However, it’s a good way to dissolve the union.

Fresh Calls for EU Funding to Be Withheld from States Which Refuse Migrant Quota

Finland’s finance minister has added his voice to those calling for European Union funding to be withdrawn from member states which refuse to take in migrants.

Speaking to Reuters, Petteri Orpo called for more conditions to be placed on the allocation of cohesion funds when the EU next draws up its next budget framework, Euractiv has reported.

“Supporting new and developing member states is an important part of the European project,” he said.


“But when we look forward, and at the migrant crisis, we just cannot stand by when payments from the net contributors are welcomed, but burden sharing is not.”


The main beneficiaries of cohesion funds are the poorer eastern countries in the bloc. But many of those same countries have refused to take in a Commission-mandated quota of the migrants arriving in Italy and Greece, arguing they are already having to deal with migrants taking the Baltic route into Europe.


Nonetheless, Orpo insisted that no exceptions could be made, saying: “If we want the EU and its financing to be fair, then we need to be able to discuss this … Our goal is that everyone should be jointly responsible [for dealing with migration].”


“If not, then you should not get the money.”


Orpo’s comments are in line with his centre-right government, which last week released a statement saying it was “essential that EU funding be further conditioned in the future”.


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  1. No one country in Europe should be taking MALE muslim migrants, the poorer nations like Ireland 4.5 million inhabitants can’t afford these ‘bloody freeloaders’. Germany is so loaded leave her to it. Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Baltic nations and Hungary DO NOT have thriving economies like Germany. Scandinavia as a whole is made up of only 22.5 million don’t care how much space there is, there isn’t enough work for the indigenous populations let alone housing, health care and in particular welfare. Already Scandinavia pays income taxes above 70% so Germany & France if you’re so rich you carry the burden! Dismantle the EU. It’s run by a bunch of old devils looking out for themselves not our kids and grandchildren. As for Macron and his mangy bunch of young ‘glamorous working mums’ straight out of Hollywood, Friends, and any other soap opera, you can come up with. I am just sick of the whole damn business. Could do a better job myself and I ain’t got no Phd in some silly degree like media or similar or worked as a mealy mouthed new age Investment banker who relies on the computer to do the dealing! Bull shit to Europe. Pompous HRH Charlie boy playboy of Saudia is patronizing on the radio the people of Ireland!

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