Islam in Australia Islamic Child Abuse Schools

Australia: Grade school teacher horrified students surrounded her shouting support for Islamic (nazi) State……

They’re clearly getting other kinds of teaching at home…..

‘It was scary for me and the other students’: Sydney teacher says Muslim pupils as young as 10 wore ISIS shirts to school, waved terrorist flags and circled around her reciting the Koran

  • A primary school teacher in Sydney’s west has described radicalisation of boys 
  • The woman told Mark Latham’s Outsiders program how they wore ISIS shirts
  • The disturbing behaviour occurred in 2014 as ISIS gained territory in Iraq, Syria
  • She said their behaviour worsened after watching the ABC’s Behind The News

A primary school teacher in Sydney’s west has spoken of how radicalised Muslim boys wore ISIS shirts to class and circled around her menacingly reciting the Koran.

The woman, known by the pseudonym of Mrs A, told former federal Labor leader Mark Latham about the horror of being intimidated by students aged between 10 and 13.

‘I had students coming into class flying flags from overseas, be it the Syrian flag and possibly the ISIS flag. It looked to me like the ISIS flag,’ she told the Mark Latham Outsiders program.

‘There was one occasion where a couple of boys had come to school wearing T-shirts that appeared to have the ISIS flag wording.’

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