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Finnish national among 15 Islamonazi terror suspects held by Islamonazi Saudis……..

Keep him, he’ll fit right in with you…

Finn among 15 terror suspects held this month

By Mishal Al-Otaibi
Saudi Gazette

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 15 terror suspects in the month of May, according to an updated list posted on the Interior Ministry’s Nafethah portal.


Four terror suspects were arrested on Saturday. Two of these suspects are Saudis and the two others belong to India and Finland.


One terror suspect from Syria was detained on Friday. Two Saudi terror suspects were arrested on Thursday. One Saudi was detained on Wednesday. Four suspects — one Saudi, two Egyptians, and a Yemeni — were arrested on Monday. Three Saudis were arrested on Sunday.


All these suspects are currently under investigation, according to the Nafethah portal.


The Ministry of Interior on April 30 announced that it has so far arrested 46 members of a terrorist cell responsible for a deadly suicide attack on the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and some other terrorist acts.


The arrested terrorists include 32 Saudis, and 14 foreigners belonging to Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan and Jordan, said Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, security spokesman at the ministry.


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