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Finland: National Defense University researcher: ISIS encourages Muslims in West to use ads to lure victim……..

New ways to spread Islamoterror….

Finnish Officer: ISIS enables new ways of terrorism – attract victims through newspaper advertisements

National Defense University researcher Antti Paronen officer, says that Isis is seeking more an everyday terrorism. It encourages the use of job advertisements, purchases and sale of land plots for attacks.
Extremist group Isis encourages in the latest edition of the Rumiyah -magazine readers to commit terrorist attacks by attracting victims to the scene, say, job advertisements or with ads for buying and selling.

ISIS’ message in the journal according to captain Antti Paronen, he estimates that the organization seeks to commit terrorist acts as commonplace occurrences.

The ads, he says, is directed at ISIS leaning supporters living in Western countires. They are recommended to attract “infidels” in one place, and then strike.

According to the instructions, the ads should be limited in such a way that it does not interest Muslims. Paronen thinks, for example, the position of bartender would limit job-seekers like this.
– The idea is that even a small shock is a valuable, if it is newsworthy.

In practice, this means that the impact is significant, as long as even one person dies.

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