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Robert Spencer on Quilliam’s smear of himself and Pamela Geller: Ebner’s piece was spurious and defamatory……..

The Quilliam Foundation’s house of cards are beginning to collapse in on itself.

All it took was one moment of high profile push back by Tommy Robinson….


Quilliam Foundation smears Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller as “alt-right leaders”

Julia Ebner is a senior researcher at the Quilliam Foundation, which is supposedly dedicated to countering “extremism” and defending human rights. Quilliam is supposed to be an exponent of moderate Islam, but there are some anomalies. It is named for Abdullah Quilliam (1856-1932), who rather than being “moderate” himself, called for a worldwide caliphate under the rule of Sharia. And it is headed by Maajid Nawaz, a self-proclaimed “former extremist” who has said many accurate things about Islam’s jihad doctrine, but has also endorsed Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman Keith Ellison, an odd thing for a “moderate” to do. Nawaz also seems bent on exaggerating or fabricating outright a threat of “right-wing extremists” as the non-Muslim equivalent of Islamic jihadists, despite the manifest absurdity of likening a few political activists and analysts with those who have perpetrated 30,000 lethal attacks worldwide since 9/11. This libelous hit piece in Britain’s execrable Guardian is an example of Nawaz’s smear tactic.


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“The far right thrives on global networks. They must be fought online and off,” by Julia Ebner, Guardian, May 1, 2017:

“Muslims are like cockroaches. An infestation that needs to be eradicated. Immediately. Permanently”, reads the tweet by one of thousands of anonymous far-right Twitter accounts that spread hate against ethnic and religious minorities each day.

Farther down, several of my colleagues and I are brought into this piece. Although none of us has ever spoken in this way, Ebner is attempting to use comments such as this one to discredit us by association, even though the association is entirely spurious.

Meanwhile, National Action calls for a “White Jihad”, right next to a tweet about their Miss Hitler 2016 competition. After National Action became Britain’s first far-right group to be banned, its web page was taken down. Yet, until a few days ago its official Twitter profile has been operative and hosts an arsenal of dangerous propaganda.


Once again, Ebner is deliberately conflating actual neo-Nazis with foes of jihad terror. This is an oft-used tactic, chiefly employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, but it is no less defamatory for being common. Even though there is no connection between our work and the Nazis, and real Nazis actually oppose us and often support the jihad, particularly against Israel, Ebner hopes that her readers will take us all as neo-Nazis and shun us accordingly. The end result of this would be the silencing of all critics of Islam and jihad. Here again, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to escape the conclusion that she and Quilliam want to smear and marginalize foes of jihad terror so that jihad terror can advance unimpeded.


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  1. Ebner clearly mistakes Robert Spencer for Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer

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