Iran Obama-Gate WMD's

Iran building up military thanks to Obama’s release of $1.7 billion to the Islamonazi regime in nuke deal……..

The Obama-Iran nuke deal will go down in history as the most egregious, self serving act done by a sitting US president.

Iran Using Sweetheart Deal With US To Build Up Military


Thanks to the billions in cash that former President Barack Obama gave to Iran as part of his nuclear deal, the Islamic rogue state is building up its military at a dizzying rate, according to the Washington Free Beacon.


Iran intends to become a Middle East military power and has even said so in an largely ignored announcement that has some U.S. national security experts very worried.


Iran announced late in April that the country’s defense budget was 145 percent larger under leader Hassan Rouhani and that the military is reconstituting itself into a “forward moving force” that means to take the offensive.


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  1. Shared, there is so much mess to clear up after the Obama administration, yet no one could see what he was doing.

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