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Post-MOAB Afghanistan: DESOLATION……..

That’s the way to decimate them…..leaving nothing but ”smoking ruins and weeping widows”.

Crushed buildings, burned-out cars and body parts strewn across fields: The hellish aftermath of the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ is revealed in shocking footage

  • Footage from near the blast zone of the MOAB shows how destructive it really is
  • Trees are splintered, cars gutted and militants shredded and tossed to the wind
  • Devastation extends a half-mile from ground zero in the Afghanistan mountains
  • The blast killed 94 ISIS militants including four commanders, Afghan army said
  • Locals told a reporter they were pleased with the bomb as it displaced ISIS 

The incredible destruction wrought by the US Army’s MOAB – better known as the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ – has been revealed in new footage.

Dropped in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, on a mountain riddled with tunnels, the 21,600lb bomb successfully killed 94 ISIS militants, including four commanders, according to the Afghan army.

And in its wake, the device – the most powerful conventional weapon ever used in war – has left a scar on the scenic Afghan grasslands that is terrible to behold, Fox News reported.

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  1. I agree, use MOABS on Mecca during the Hajj.

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