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Finland: Jussi Halla-aho shows why he’s more able to lead The Finns Party than his rival……..

He’s a thinker, and a long term strategist…..

Politicians, union chair comment on government in May Day speeches

Several political leaders and the chair of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions held traditional May Day speeches on Monday commenting on issues ranging from a Finns Party EU referendum proposal to opposition views on inadequate employment boosting measures.


A number of Finnish politicians spoke about the country’s current state in their traditional May Day speeches across the country.


The Finns Party, one of the three coalition government groups, continues to exhibit internal tensions. Coming Culture Minister Sampo Terho’s proposal of a referendum on Finland’s place in the European Union was shot down on Monday by MEP and party chair hopeful Jussi Halla-aho.


“I’m personally for Finland exiting the EU, but if we were to hold a referendum now we would be completely defeated,” Halla-aho said in his speech in Helsinki, suggesting that a failed referendum would make Finnish EU-exit talk even harder.


“Before we start planning any vote we have to affect Finnish attitudes and ask why an EU membership is against our country’s interests.”



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