Swedish ambassador to Germany posed with daughter sporting Antifa-fascist logo……

This goes to show just how deep the Antifa terror network has embedded itself in society.

We just found out over a week ago that the mayor of Berkeley California  supports and belongs to this terror network, now we see Swedes in official government capacity wrapping their arms around them. It’s always been a given that government authorities in Europe have given a wink and a nod to these violent Leftist totalitarian groups, now we’re seeing open embraces.

This makes the Swedish diplomat advertising AFA

  • Per Thöresson, 54, is Sweden’s new Ambassador to Germany
  • Now pictures spread the of him posing with advertising for the extreme left-wing violence criminal networks AFA
  • On Facebook Thöresson also likes the extreme left Expo


DOMESTIC. Top diplomat Per Thöresson was recently appointed Swedish Ambassador in Berlin. At the same time he appears in the pictures of him and his daughter posing with advertising for the extreme left-wing violence network AFA, while the Northern Front it’s revealed, to be described by SAPO as the greatest threat to Swedish democracy.

– No, answers the Press Council, Carl Michael, on the issue of whether the ambassador could pose with a right-wing icon.

Per Thöresson, 54, has in recent years made a meteoric career in the Foreign Ministry and quickly advanced to the most prestigious positions within the agency.


After a period as ambassador in Bern in 2014, he was  the Swedish Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. In early 2017, the government announced that Per Thöresson appointed Swedish ambassador in Berlin – a post he assumed last month.




This is a picture from December 2015, when Per Thöresson still served as Swedish ambassador to the UN in New York, where he poses with his adult daughter Lisa Thöresson, as in the picture is wearing a shirt with a large AFA symbol.


More here @ Friatider.

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  1. Enough with your ridiculous fear baiting. He doesn’t have his arm around an “antifa terrorist,” as you put it. His daughter wearing antifa clothes is basically the same as her being a hippie or a punk rocker in previous generations. It’s just where the counterculture is right now. You can’t hold his edgy daughter’s fashion against him, and I wouldn’t even hold it against her tbqh

    1. Antifa is a terrorist network. The burden of proof is on you to show she doesn’t belong to or hold sympathetic views towards these fascistic “anti-fascists”. You call her “edgy”, I call her a kook and her father as well. Shame on them both. If she was wearing the symbols of Marxism or Nazism I would conclude that she has an affinity with their ideologies, thinking that they’re “cool”, her father as well. So mull that one over, you’re the one who’s engaged in fanciful thinking, not me. Grow up.

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