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Germany: Gov’t says it can block Turks in Germany from voting on Turkish death penalty reinstatement……..

One can only hope that the Turks pass the motion nonetheless, further putting obstacles in the path of their membership. 

Govt could block Turks from voting in Germany on death penalty

If Turkey decides to hold a referendum on reinstating the death penalty, Germany could legally block Turks within its borders from voting, according to an official government assessment.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested holding a referendum on whether to bring back the death penalty in his country, a policy change which Germany’s Foreign Minister warned against last week, saying it could end Turkey’s dream of joining the European Union.


If Turkey were to hold such a vote, a legal assessment by the research services division of the Bundestag (German parliament) found that the German government would be able to block Turks from voting in the referendum in Germany, according to Gunther Krichbaum, who requested the report.


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  1. Well damn it, the Local Sweden is actually printing facts but still it is prettied up so as not to frighten the cowardly Swedes. BTW the Local didn’t print the picture of this evil looking dictator, my we can tell a lot from a man’s eyes, what a megalomaniac G-d help Europe. As if Fuhrer Merkel hasn’t done enough damage!

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