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UK: Westminster Islamonazi terrorist says he ‘murdered people for revenge’…….

The Islamonazis murder for allah because Mohamed told them to do so with almost every page turned in the post-hijra portion of the koran…..

I am waging jihad in revenge against the West: Motivation of Westminster terror killer Khalid Masood is revealed as spies crack his WhatsApp message

The attack on Westminster Bridge killed five people, including hero police officer Keith Palmer who acted as the last line of defence

  • Khalid Masood was active on Whatsapp just minutes before the attack in March
  • The person who received his final message has been questioned extensively by police and released
  • Security forces have been able to tap into the killer’s phone and access the last message
  • The killer was motivated by the Western military action in the Middle East 

The last message sent by the Westminster terror attacker declared he wanted to wage jihad in revenge at military action in the Middle East, it has emerged.

A MailOnline exclusive revealed Khalid Masood was found to have been active on messaging service Whatsapp just two minutes before he carried out his fatal attack on March 22.

But end-to-end encryption meant authorities have struggled to find out what he sent before he careered his hired car into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge before attempting to storm Parliament.

However, the Independent has learnt that spies have managed to crack into the message, and revealed his motivation was revenge at western military action in the Middle East.

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