Finnish state broadcaster YLE pimps piece: ‘Finns would radicalize’ if they were refugees/asylum seekers…….

Eh……no they wouldn’t, besides, they stayed and fought the Russians….



not running away like these Muslim settler cowards.



This overlooks the vast differences in temperament, societal upbringing and values between the Nordic region peoples and the Middle Eastern mindset. It’s so obvious what this numbskull (and YLE) is trying to do I really shouldn’t have to devote too many words debunking it. It’s nothing more than ”we’re no better than they are” mumbo-jumbo clap trap the Left tries to indoctrinate us with, when evidence to the eye speaks louder than their words ever will.


NOTE: That this guy is a city councilman for the Finns Party makes this feedbag of verbiage all the more galling.


– It is obvious that if there is a state of war anywhere in the world, people suffering from war must be helped. Especially helping defenseless women, children and the elderly. Helping belongs to humanity, says Mikkola.
Lasse Mikkola participated in the debate on terrorism in Yle Oulu’s A-teemaklub  today on White Summer street.

Radicalization is not the exclusive right of immigrants – Finns would get antsy if need be

Lasse Mikkola: “Helping belongs to humanity.”

Lasse Mikkola

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– Yes, Finns will start jumping on the walls if they have to be within four walls for a long time. Radicalization is not proportional to nationality or religion, says Lasse Mikkola, a raucous teacher and engineer.


Mikkola, who has been teaching many years in adult education for immigrants, says that integration of immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers needs to be stepped up. In this way, Mikkola believes that it is easy to prevent any radicalization among the migrants.


– Immigrants’ issues should be addressed much faster than before. It would benefit both the migrant and the Finnish society. Particularly important among immigrants is learning the language. They learn the language much better at work or training than at the pool table.


– If a man has a roof over his head and food, then everything is fine.



NOTE II: It’s a fact that the lion share of refugees/asylum seekers coming to Finlad over the past two years, were young men of military age, with well over 2/3 having their applications rejected. Given the fact that these people are coming from a region where there are Islamonazis who are not only fighting their coreligionists, but insist on spreading their murderous intentions to the rest of the civilized West, only serves to underline the need to set up camps (safe spaces, the exact kind of areas the Left loves to promote for themselves) for these people in that region of the world. Period.

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  1. Tough Finnish men far more likely to call a so called Jihad against those cowardly moslems and kick them out of Finland. How does Scandinavia think she has stayed free of communism before its fall? Dump them Finland the rest of Scandinavia needs to do the same.

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