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David Hornik: The Mullahs want to target the “Little Satan” from across the border……..

And that’s why the Israelis will pound the crap out of any weapons movement for the Heznazis…..

Thanks in large part to Obama…


The mullahs want to target the “Little Satan” from across the border.

P. David Hornik

The Iranian regime, as it has made clear in countless threats, rallies, and missile displays, wants to destroy Israel, the “Little Satan.”


Given Israel’s military might and, according to foreign reports, nuclear arsenal, Iran’s goal is probably unattainable. But the nearer Iran gets—or perceives itself to get—to that goal, the more warfare and instability is likely to ensue.


At present, thanks to Syria’s collapse into civil war and the Obama administration’s—at best—inept policy there, Iran is within reach of establishing a permanent military presence to Israel’s north—a surefire recipe for ongoing struggle and menace.


Israeli officials, Reuters reports, now estimate that Iran “commands at least 25,000 fighters in Syria, including members of its own Revolutionary Guard, Shi’ite militants from Iraq and recruits from Afghanistan and Pakistan.”


Iran is also reportedly seeking a naval base in Syria, and, if it gains a lasting foothold in Israel’s northern neighbor, will undoubtedly want an airbase there as well.


The Reuters report notes that Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Katz has been on Capitol Hill urging stepped-up U.S. threats and sanctions on Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hizballah. Israel wants Russia to rein in Iran, too—though whether Russia is willing is still in dispute.

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  1. Every time an article turns up viz a viz Iran’s determination to eliminate Israel I ask myself why doesn’t Russia exercise a good old fashioned KGB assassination job on a number of madmen? I ask myself the same of Saudi, the CIA are pretty good at wiping out trouble makers like the Saudi Royals. Alternatively why doesn’t the west & Russia stay out of the proxy war being fought on our shores around the world between Saudi Wahhabi vs Iranian Shiia. With any luck they will annihilate one another. We don’t need their Oil we can then dispense with OPEC, open up a free market with Western non Islamic nations for the export and purchase of OIL at a realistic price and at the same time maybe reign in a number of over reached Banks.

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