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Sweden summons Russian envoy over reports of Chechnya anti-homosexual violence (sharia)…….

Because Islamonazi Ramzan Kadyrov has been given license by thug Putin to create his mini caliphate in the region.

You can toss out the notion of Putin being this big anti-Islam adversary, it was always a ruse. He doesn’t mind it when he thinks that he can use it to his own benefit. Also, Sweden is once again about to put its foot into it, by going after an Islamic leader for implementing the sharia. Their FM, Margot Wallström tried to weigh in on Saudi civil/human rights abuses, not realizing that they were sharia based laws, she ended up walking away from any more criticism of the Saudis legal system.

Sweden summons Russia envoy over reports of Chechnya anti-gay violence

Sweden summons Russia envoy over reports of Chechnya anti-gay violence

Sweden’s foreign ministry said on Thursday it had summoned Russia’s ambassador for talks following reports of a brutal campaign against gay men by authorities in Chechnya.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Johanna Westlund told AFP the Russian ambassador, Viktor Tatarintsev, was summoned due to “alarming reports that homosexuals in Chechnya have been imprisoned and tortured”.


Tatarintsev met state secretary Annika Söder, who “emphasized that the Russian government has a responsibility to make sure that human rights are respected on all of Russia’s territory”, Westlund said.


She would not disclose the Russian’s comments, saying only: “He confirmed that he would pass on the message to Moscow.”


The Kremlin said Thursday that reports of violence against homosexuals in Chechnya had not been confirmed and that “phantom complaints” to the media should instead be taken to the police.


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