UK: Theresa May calls for snap elections for June 8……..

Let the Left be smacked down once again……


BREAKING NEWS: Snap General Election called for June 8 as Theresa May blasts Remoaners for weakening her hand in Europe as she embarks on the historic Brexit talks

As recently as last month, Mrs May ruled out holding an early election despite record breaking polling leads over Labour and Jeremy Corbyn - most recently at 21 points in a YouGov survey 


  • Prime Minster will make a rare address to the nation from outside No 10 
  • Downing Street refused to confirm what the subject of the speech would be 
  • May will speak shortly after meeting her Cabinet inside No 10 this morning  

Theresa May has announced a snap general election to give Britain the ‘strong and stable leadership’ needed to deliver Brexit.

Mrs May said weakness in Westminster would weaken her hand in the Brexit negotiations – knowing an election against Jeremy Corbyn could hand her a huge Commons majority.

In her shock announcement, she blasted opposition parties for trying to frustrate Brexit and said she was not prepared to let them ‘endanger the security of millions of working people’.

Speaking on the steps of No 10, Mrs May said Britain needed strong leadership and insisted an early poll was the ‘right approach’ and in the ‘national interest’.

She said: ‘We need a general election and we need it now.’

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