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Germany: Bus driver refuses ride to someone wearing a face mask, outrage ensues…….

And if it was a man coming to rob him and his passengers?

This is exactly what the people should be doing, refusing service to those who cover their faces, refusing to being allowed to be identified. If anything it’s a matter of security. The other issue is that the niqab is an Islamic supremacist garb, extremely insulting to men and degrading of women.

Bus driver faces fine for refusing ride to niqab-wearing woman

A bus driver in Lower Saxony faces a hefty fine after he repeatedly denied a Muslim woman wearing a niqab entry onto his bus.

A police spokesman in Leer, Lower Saxony said on Thursday that the driver was being investigated for an administrative offence, with the fine possibly rising to €10,000.


The woman was pregnant when the driver refused to let her onto the bus for wearing the conservative Islamic garb, the spokesman said, adding that her husband had reported the driver to local authorities.


The private bus company, which had been contracted by the city of Emden to run the local bus service, has admitted that the driver’s actions breached local regulations.

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