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Swedish economist slams official narrative, “Fantasy that illegals are important to economy”……. 

Sanandaji: “A fantasy” that illegals are important for the economy

Published April 13, 2017 at 11:01

ECONOMY. Earlier this week Åsa Linderborg claimed that Sweden would “stop” without all the illegal immigrants who perform low-wage jobs. There is a mistaken “imagination”, says economist Tino Sanandaji on Facebook. He also argues that the Left has turned into an “immigration cult” who romanticize low-wage jobs in an attempt to defend immigration.

“Sweden will stop without the undocumented,” claimed Åsa Linderborg in Aftonbladet’s cultural section on Monday, and said that illegal immigrants are built into the Swedish economy and perform many important low-wage jobs.


Even at the DN one can read that if the illegals suddenly disappeared “the country’s economy would be in collapse.”


But that is not true. On the contrary, the illegal low-wage sector, a problem which displaces unemployed, responding author and economist Tino Sanandaji.

He believes that it is a “fantasy” that the economy would collapse without a few thousand illegals in low-wage occupations.


“Sweden worked demonstrably [for] a few years ago, when there were few illegal immigrants,” he notes.


According to Sanandaji illegals are a tiny fraction of the labor force and in the so-called surplus professions can easily be done by others. He says that in the low wages there is no economic gain.


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