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US Naval group heads to NORK peninsula, President Trump says Kim Jong-un ”doing wrong thing”…….

The ‘Slapping dictator leaders upside their heads’ tour still continues……

Trump says the U.S. is sending an ‘armada’ to North Korea as he refuses to say Kim Jong-un is ‘mentally fit’ – only that he’s doing the ‘wrong thing’

Trump blasts North Korea for doing 'wrong thing'


President Donald Trump said North Korean president Kim Jong-un is doing the ‘wrong thing’ as he talked up the power of the U.S. ‘armada’ heading toward the tense Korean peninsula. In an interview with Fox News, Trump refused to say what his plan was, saying: ‘You never know.’ The U.S. has dispatched a naval strike group to the area following repeated ballistic missile tests by the hermit kingdom. Trump called it a powerful ‘armada.’

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