Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape Sweden

Sweden: Convicted Muslim settler rapist to pay even more in compensation…….

The money comes to around $16 000 in U.S. currency. Fat chance she’ll ever get a dime of it.

Raped a 13-year-old girl – was “heavy-handed and violent”

Published April 11, 2017 at 19:41

DOMESTIC. Hussein claimed to be 19 when he raped a drunk girl in Norsjö. He was sentenced to prison and the judgment was appealed to the Court of Appeal, has now decided that the Afghan should pay a higher compensation to the girl.

Unaccompanied Hossein from Afghanistan raped a 13 year old girl sometime in June 2013 in Norsjö. On November 23, 2016, he was sentenced by Skellefteå District Court for the rape of a child. The penalty was a year and four months in prison and 125,000 in damages.


The judgment says that Hossein took advantage of the girl was under the influence of alcohol. He also had reasonable grounds to believe that the girl was under 15, which means that he committed the offense with intent.


He was also sentenced for illegal acquisition of alcoholic drinks because he invited two girls who were under 18 to drink liquor. The crime was judged as rough as the one of the girls (rape victim) was under 15 years.


The verdict was appealed to the Court of Appeals, which determines the judgment of raping a child. The Court of Appeals changed the district court only by changing the amount of the damages. Hussain will instead pay 140,000 kronor to the girl.

According to the verdict  Hossein is still a citizen of Afghanistan. He is therefore to be expelled from Sweden if the prosecutor requests it.

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