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Helsinki: Grand mosque project funds in grand mess, one supporting Muslim society already insolvent……..

Why did the Finnish government waste over almost half a million euros in taxpayer money to these people in the first place?

Not only has the incoming mayor Helsinki stated his complete rejection of the grand beachhead (mosque) project, the Muslims running the various boards of the (doomed) project are running financial deficits. I believe that their records needs to be investigated for potential fraud. Just saying.

Muslim organizations behind Grand Mosque project are in a monetary mess – Ministry supported  one of them with almost half a million

Muslim organizations behind the Grand Mosque project have ended in seizure of property. The Ministry has supported one of them with more than EUR 450 000.
The planned Helsinki Hanasaari grand mosque has raised concern among experts and among some Muslims in Finland, because of its financial arrangement are feared to increase radical and conservative Islamic teaching.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has promised a sum of at least EUR 100 million for the planned Muslim grand mosque and the needs of multi-purpose center.

Reserving the land that has more than 18 000 square meters of floor space and is a giant-sized project, priced between 100-140 million euros, was made by three associations: Finnish Muslim Association, the Association of Muslim Women, and the Culture and Religion Forum Fokus Association.

The Muslim Association’s debt to the tax authorities of just over EUR 2 400 has been in distraint since early 2016. According to distraint documents, the association has been found to be insolvent.

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