#GardenofSweden: Government to beef up police numbers, 10 000 by 2024……..

All that ‘enrichment’ comes at a cost…….

Swedish ministers unveil plans for 10,000 more police officers by 2024

SWEDEN’S biggest party plans to bolster up the country’s police force with 10,000 new officers by 2024, it announced just days after the Stockholm terror attack.


Speaking to press in connection with the Social Democrats’ party conference, Sweden’s interior minister Anders Ygeman and finance minister Magdalena Andersson, said the party also plans to establish two new institutions to train police officers.


The proposal would cost between £6billion and £8bn, the interior minister added, according to Expressen.se.


Ms Andersson said: “We need to strengthen security in . We have also seen the fantastic efforts by the police in recent days and the love and respect they were met with my citizens. Something they really deserve.”


The cabinet ministers added the investment into the officers would come in addition to the £2bn already pledged in the 2016 autumn budget.


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