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Helsinki Finland: Incoming mayor to work against grand mosque project……


Here’s the video clip of the debate exchange on the grand mosque that I clipped and translated (makes sure you click the CC button for the subtitles)


Grand Mosque project upsetting Vapaavuori: “I’m going to work against it being built”


Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori admitted in an ISTV interview that his choice is to significantly lessen the mosque’s likelihood of being constructed.
A blistering number of votes for the incoming mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori, (National Coalition Party) intends to work extra hard to ensure that a grand mosque will not be built in the capital.

– I have never changed my position on the election night. I have the same positions after the election than before them. I think this kind of mosque is not needed in Helsinki. It is clear that for my part I will be working against it, that such a mosque will not be built in Helsinki. Ultimately, the council will decide, said Vapaavuori.


The National Coalition is still largest group in the Helsinki city council, and the scope of spirit within the group is the same as Vapaavuori.


Was the dreams of building the mosque weakened significantly over the night?


– You can say that.


The planning of the Helsinki Grand Mosque, rose as a central theme in the municipal elections in ISTV’s mayoral debate. Candidates attending were the Greens Anni Sinnemäki and the National Coalition Vapaavuori.

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