Donald Trump N.Korea

President Trump moves strike force towards N.Korea, could be preparing for missile launch strike…….

More than likely moving chess pieces on the global board, to send unveiled warnings to China, Russia, Iran and elsewhere…..

US Navy strike group moves towards North Korea as war fears grow

A US Navy strike group is set to move to the Korean peninsula amid fears Kim Jong-un could be preparing to launch a nuclear missile, according to a military official.

After North Korea launched another nuclear test earlier this month, US forces will now head for the western Pacific Ocean in a bid to maintain peace in the region.


The Carl Vinson strike group, which includes an aircraft carrier, is now set to travel from Singapore toward the Korean peninsula.


The official said: “We feel the increased presence is necessary.”


President Trump has vowed to support South Korea and B-52 nuclear bombers have made several flights over the region in an intimidating show of force.


It comes after five nuclear weapons tests by North Korea, which have put the world on edge amid fears of a nuclear war.


The North Korean dictator was enraged by joint military exercises conducted by the US and South Korean armies, which he considers to be a persistent provocation.


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