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UK: Chief Rabbi says Labour failed Jews, refuses to expel Ken Livingstone from party over Hitler remarks…….

The Left has ALWAYS failed Jews, by insisting on group identity politics (including groups rights over that of the individual) and failed economics in general.

Also, they’ve failed them in regards to supporting the mass migration of Jew hating Muslims into the country.

Chief Rabbi says Labour has FAILED Jews as the party refuses to expel Ken Livingstone over remarks Hitler supported Zionism

  • Fury as Ken Livingstone is given a further 12-month suspension by Labour chiefs
  • Ex-London mayor remains a Labour member and can vote on party matters
  • He faced a misconduct hearing over remarks about Hitler supporting Zionism
  • Also backed MP Naz Shah over when she said Israel should be moved to the US
  • Chief Rabbi, shadow cabinet members and peers all criticised not expelling him 

A furious row erupted inside and outside the Labour party last night after former London mayor Ken Livingstone was ‘given a slap on the wrist’ over anti-Semitic comments.

Mr Livingstone – who had been suspended from the party last April over remarks saying Hitler had supported Zionism – was handed a further 12-month ban from representing Labour.

He will remain a full member of the party and will still be allowed to take part in Labour votes and attend meetings.

But MPs, including some from his own party’s shadow cabinet, described the move as ‘shameful’ and said the party leadership had ‘bottled it’ and should have expelled the controversial politician.

And Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said Labour had failed the Jewish community in Britain.


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