Nigel Farage says the EUs behaving like a mafia…….

I’ve been saying that for years….

Here’s a photoshop of former EU president José Manuel Barroso (Marxist).

Brexit debate LIVE: Farage TOLD OFF by EU boss in fierce speech – ‘You’re like the MAFIA!’

NIGEL Farage accused the EU of acting like the Mafia as EU Brexit chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt branded Britain’s relationship with the bloc “a marriage of convenience” in a heated Brexit debate in the European Parliament.


Nigel Farage clashed with Guy Verhofstadt as the debate got underway as EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned there will be “no winners” if Britain and the EU fail to reach a deal.


MEPs will vote on guidelines for EU negotiators as Britain prepares to leave the block.

The debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg will focus on key issues of the talks including reciprocal rights for EU citizens, the peace process in Northern Ireland and trade.

The draft resolution MEPs will vote on insists Britain must meet all its financial obligations to the bloc, which some estimates have put as high as £56 billion.


It also makes it clear there can no trade-off between security and the future economic relationship between the EU and UK.


The European Parliament effectively holds a veto on any Brexit deal as it must be approved by a majority of MEPs in a vote after having first received the assent of a qualified majority of leaders in the European Council.


European Parliament president Antonio Tajani has repeatedly put guarantees over the future of some 3.3 million EU nationals in the UK centre stage in withdrawal negotiations.


Mr Tagani has made it clear the European Parliament is prepared to use its veto on any deal if it is unhappy with the outcome.

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