Dhimmitude Islam in Norway Islamization

Norwegian farmers (and government) feeding Islamization like the good little dhimmis that they are……..

Prime Minister Erna Solberg on mosque visit along with Secretary General Mehtab Afsar of the Islamic Council Norway (Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold, NTB scanpix).

This is how it proceeds, like a frog in a slow boiling pot…..

H/T: Fjordman

Norwegian farmers give millions to the Islamic Council

Norwegian farmers keep economic life of the Islamic Council of Norway. Last year they paid agricultural 2.4 million to obtain a certificate for halal slaughter.


Yesterday it became known that the Islamic Council of Norway has appointed the niqab clad woman Leyla Hasic as Communications Assistant.


The appointment led to a stream of criticism because the organization in this way helps to create distance between Muslims and the majority population.


The reaction against the Islamic Council of Norway in hiring a niqab clad employee for communication is that it appears as a provocation and contrary to the organization’s mission to build bridges, and the reasons for the Islamic Council received 484,000 kroner in increased operating subsidies from the government.


More here in Norwegian

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  1. The muslims will get tired of turnips, salty fish and unleavened rye crackers and go home or find the Bush criminal cabal and the British Empire and kick its ass. THEN we can all party!

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