Islam in the UK Islamic Child Abuse

UK: Child beating imam still in business, could still be allowed to ‘teach’ (indoctrinate) children……..

This is actually quite normal in the Islamic Middle East…..

Imam who beat children could teach youngsters at Coventry mosque

Mohammed Karamat slapped one child and stabbed another with a pen


A religious leader who admitted beating children is still leading prayers at a Coventry mosque and may be allowed to teach children.


Mohammed Karamat attacked four children during a six-day period and was handed unpaid work and a restraining order banning him from contacting three of this victims and their parents.


He had slapped one of the children and stabbed another with a pen – one of his victims was just nine years old.


Despite confessing to his crimes, Karamat is still leading prayers at the Noorul Islam Jamia Mosque in Eagle Street, Foleshill, where he is an Imam.


More here.  H/T: TROP

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