WCC Sec-Gen whines over Israeli ban on BDS activists, but lauds Al-Azhar Tayyeb’s inter-religious relations……

Prof. Dr Ahmad al-Tayyeb (left) and Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit (right). © Marianne Ejdersten/WCC

The WCC has been completely subverted by the OIC. The fruits of all that inter-religious dialogue of the faiths. Take a look at this drivel from the The Ecumenical Institute at Bossey:
The Grand Imam of Cairo’s prestigious Al-Azhar mosque and university, Prof. Dr Ahmad al-Tayyeb, will visit the World Council of Churches (WCC) to give a public lecture and participate in high-level dialogue on interreligious peacemaking.
“We are honoured to welcome one of the world’s highest-ranking and most influential Muslim leaders to Geneva, and I very much look forward to his lecture and to sharing views with him on the many challenges that we as religious persons and leaders face together,” says WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit.
Tveit added, “We know also that Professor al-Tayyeb is committed to reinforcing the importance of the role of religious leaders as people who are committed to working for peace in our world. This will be the main focus of our discussions over the next two days.”  Tveit added, “We are glad to welcome Professor al-Tayyeb and his companions to travel with us on the way that leads to just peace.“ Tveit underlined, “We appreciate very much his affirmation of the important relations between Muslims and Christians, in his own country Egypt, in the Middle East region and worldwide.“

The WCC has been so badly corrupted and infiltrated by the worst of the worst that it has to be viewed as a hostile entity working against our free societies. These people are dangerous.


NOTE: Here’s Andrew Bostom’s take down of the Jew hating Islamic pope al-Tayyeb

The World Council of Churches vs. the Jewish state, once again

JERUSALEM (RNS) The World Council of Churches, a collective of “347 churches, denominations and church fellowships in more than 110 countries and territories,” and the state of Israel are at loggerheads again.

The WCC attacked Israel for its March 6 vote in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) that would deny entry visas to activists who call for the boycott of the Jewish state. Olav Fykse Tveit, secretary-general of the WCC, told numerous media outlets that the new law would “make it impossible for him or senior people in his organization to visit member churches or sacred sites in what Christianity regards as the Holy Land.”The Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, secretary-general of the World Council of Churches. Photo courtesy of WCC

Building on the WCC denunciation, The Economist claimed that the new visa law is the “catalyst” in undermining relations between the Jewish state and Christianity. According to Tveit, “this legislation represents a form of isolationism that cannot be in Israel’s best interests as a member of the international community.”

More here.


NOTE: If the WCC wants to resume its presence in Israel, they have to stop inciting against it. No one has the right to visit any country, it’s a privilege, something that he and his minions have abused time and again. Get used to the new status quo moron.

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