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Sweden Rinkeby so bad cops may have to be driven to and from planned heavily fortified police station…….

The new police building in Rinkeby.

This is like reading a report from Afghanistan. This report totally rips apart the carefully crafted meme by the Swedish political, media and academic iron triangle, that there’s no No-Go areas in Sweden.


Police officers may be bussed to new police station in Rinkeby

Published March 21, 2017 at 20:30

DOMESTIC. The new police station in Rinkeby will be after all. But police are worried about what the working environment will be in the violent immigrant area. Therefore, they are to be offered a lift to the station.


The planned police building in Rinkeby sounds more like a military installation. Bullet proof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal and fencing around it. So that is what it will look like, the newspaper the midst of Stockholm (Mitt) reported .


In addition, the building will be classified as a security interest, which means that photographing it could lead to a one year imprisonment.


According however, there are problems. Police officers are worried about what the working environment will be like.


Those who will be working in Rinkeby do not want to use the public transport or take the subway. It’s too dangerous. One suggestion is secure parking for police personnel’s private cars. Another is that the police will be driven to and from work. Local Police Area Manager Niclas Andersson hopes however that it will not be needed.


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