Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS Whining Bastards

Denmark saves big time in lower Muslim settler asylum numbers, Leftists screaming bloody murder…….

How dare the state actually save taxpayer money…

Lower asylum numbers leave Danish state 400 million kroner better off

Denmark’s government has been criticised after an incorrect estimate left 400 million kroner ($58 million) diverted to state coffers instead of being used to help developing countries.

The government will be keeping 400 million kroner that it had drawn from its foreign aid budget in order to pay for asylum seekers coming to the country last year.


After finding that it had overestimated the asylum costs, the government will not redirect the money back to foreign aid, reports


The money, put aside to help newly-arrived asylum seekers, is now not needed for that purpose after fewer arrived than expected, the Ministry for Integration (Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet) told Altinget.


This means that the foreign aid budget Denmark spent on asylum in 2016 was around 2.8 billion kroner ($404 million) rather than the expected 3.2 billion kroner ($462 million).


Opposition MP and foreign policy spokesperson Martin Lidegaard of the Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) party said that the outcome was “deeply embarrassing” for the government.


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