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France: (UPDATE 3 cops shot at road block ) Man shot and killed after trying to take soldier’s gun at Orly airport……..


Three policemen targeted by shooting, one wounded

A man fired at three policemen in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis), before fleeing, according to BFMTV.  One of the policemen was shot.

The police attempted to control a vehicle around 7 am on Saturday.

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Also from the same French news outlet:

10.22 am: Air traffic is completely interrupted.

10:16 am: the case of the three police officers targeted by shooting in Stains in Seine-Saint-Denis this morning, would have a link with Orly. The police would have established a link with the shootings, according to BFMTV.

After firing at the police, the man was reported to have fled, aboard a Clio, which he had abandoned in the Val de Marne. Then, the individual would have stolen another vehicle, found at the Orly airport.

10:13 am: Nearly 3,000 people are evacuated from the southern terminal, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Passengers in the West Terminal are confined.

Orly airport: Man killed after taking soldier’s gun

A man has been shot dead after grabbing a soldier’s gun at Orly airport in Paris, French officials say.

Parts of the airport were evacuated and passengers were not allowed to disembark after witnesses reported hearing shots.


A security operation is continuing with bomb disposal experts involved.


In an incident last month, a man wielding knives lunged at soldiers at Paris’s Louvre museum before being shot and injured.


Orly is the second largest Paris airport.


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BREAKING: Paris Orly airport on lockdown as man shot dead inside terminal

PARIS Orly airport has been evacuated after a man was shot dead inside the terminal.

Paris Orly Airport evacuated

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