BBC Muslim presenter asks on Twitter what should be the preferred punishment for blasphemy……

”Muslim Moderates”…….

Muslim presenter sparks uproar as she asks BBC Asian Network Twitter followers ‘what is the right punishment for blasphemy?’

  • Muslim activist Shazia Awan asked viewers to offer opinions on punishment
  • She asked: ‘What is the right punishment for blasphemy? in online debate
  • Her assumption that it should be punished sparked outrage from viewers
  • One viewer wrote:  There should be no punishment. It’s the 21st century’

The BBC’s Asian Network has provoked uproar by asking its Twitter followers ‘what is the right punishment for blasphemy?’

A video posted on its account shows Muslim activist Shazia Awan asking followers to get in touch and offer their opinions on how blasphemy should be dealt with.

Her assumption that blasphemy – which is still punishable by death in some Muslim countries – should also be punished in Britain shocked many viewers.


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NOTE: Daniel Greenfield explains Islam 101:

“Every devout Muslim is an “Islamist”. Islam is not a personal religion. It is a religion of the public space. A “moderate” Muslim would have to reject Islam as a religion of the public space, as theocracy, and that secularism would be a rejection of Islam.

Nothing in Islam exists apart from anything else. While liberals view culture and religion as a buffet that they can pick and choose from, it is a single integrated system. If you accept one part, you must accept the whole. Once you accept any aspect of Islam, you must accept its legal system and once you accept that, you must accept its governance and once you accept that, you lose your rights.”

2 Responses

  1. Apart from her medieval idea that people should be punished for blasphemy, there is also the point that there is no such thing as “blasphemy” against Islam anyway.

    There is no Allah and never has been, and you can’t blaspheme against a non-existent deity.

    If there is any such thing as blasphemy, then it is the existence of Islam itself which was designed by Mohammed and his murderous pals as a repudiation of – and an excuse to make war against – the generally peaceful religions of Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism etc.

    It is a filthy, disgusting, depraved, perversion of whatever is good in mankind, and far from being “blasphemous”, it is the duty of every decent person to speak out against it and prevent it’s spread.

  2. I would suggest that given Islam’s grim >1,400 year true history: Nominate the righteous Blasphemer for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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