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Netherlands: Wilders calls supporters of Erdogan’s fascist Turkish regime ‘scum’……

I applaud him…..

DUTCH ELECTION: Geert Wilders calls pro-Turkish rioters ‘SCUM’ hours before polls open

GEERT Wilders has branded pro-Turkish supporters “scum” on the eve of the Dutch elections.


The election race has been overshadowed by a growing dispute between the Netherlands and Turkey after Mr Rutte banned Turkish ministers from speaking in Rotterdam as part of a row over Ankara’s political campaigning among emigres.


The Dutch leader has said “inflammatory remarks” by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who compared the Dutch to the Nazis, would not help de-escalate a diplomatic row between the two countries.


Mr Erdogan is looking to win clinch the votes of 400,000 Turks living in the Netherlands to help him win sweeping new powers in a referendum in Turkey on April 16.


Meanwhile, recent polling suggests support for Mr Wilders is declining as 13 million Dutch voters get ready to go to the polls tomorrow.


One poll, from, predicts that Mr Wilders will win 22 seats and Mr Rutte will get 24 – well below the 76 seats needed to form a majority.


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