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#GardenofSweden state news: Very few crimes solved by police, half written off before investigation begins……..

A real paradise they’ve got going there.

So few crimes cleared up

Everyday Crime is the most common of crimes in Sweden. But only one in every seven is cleared up. It shows SVT Nyheter mapping. And over half of them are written off before any investigation has even begun.


Everyday crimes are offenses liable to affect most people sooner or later. It involves, for example burglary, theft, vandalism and harassment. Police call everyday crimes, volume crime – and they are many.

86 percent of the crimes handled during the first half of 2016 were everyday crimes. Specifically 655,580 cases. But only 14 percent, or one in seven of them were settled. Over half of all actual crimes was written off without any criminal investigation has been conducted.

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