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Turkey: Banned from holding political rallies, Erdogan’s government threatens withdrawal from NATO…….


Let them!

It’s a win win scenario. A distinct line is drawn between Christian Europe and Islam, which should then be followed with Israel being offered Turkey’s seat in NATO.

NOTE: Again with the Islamo-right handed finger point

Turkey, there is a threat of WITHDRAWAL FROM NATO 

After the election ban in the Netherlands, the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu flew to France

Ankara is swinging the Nazi club and is now even threatening with the exit from NATO.

Ankara threatens with sanctions and swings the Nazi club. But the Dutch are not intimidated: the Turkish Foreign Minister does not receive any land permit for campaign campaigns. Now Turkey has threatened with the withdrawal from NATO.

Shortly before the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands the dispute about the election campaigns of Turkish ministers escalated in the country.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan abused the Dutch today as a fascistPhoto: / AP Photo / dpa

“You could prevent the flight of our foreign minister if you want to: But see how your flights are now coming to Turkey,” Erdogan said to the Netherlands.

“They have no idea of ​​diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi descendants. They are fascists. “Cavusoglu indirectly threatened that the NATO partner Turkey could change the camp. “If they (the Netherlands) think Turkey will accept everything, then Turkey is gone,” he said.

More here in German


NOTE II: Russia, being no friend with the West, is more than happy to lock arms with the Turks. That however shouldn’t scare the West if it had a backbone to rest its cranium.

On Friday, Erdogan and Cavusoglu met with Russia's President Vladimir Putin

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  1. Excellent suggestion; and if Israel became a member of NATO then it may also give a reality-check to all the increasingly anti-Semitic fashionistas in parts of government, the media and in “education” (for which read “pro-Left programming industry”) and force them to acknowledge that Israel – not Islam – is our ally.
    It would be worth someone proposing this just to hear the screams of rage from Left-wing Islam lovers and their attempts to explain how repressive, regressive, tyrannical, untrustworthy Turkey is a better fit for NATO than democratic, technologically-advanced, staunchly pro-West Israel.

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