Afghanistan Rape Sweden

New phenomenon sweeping #GardenofSweden, Afghan Muslim settlers gang raping boys…….


This is what our politicians and bureaucracy  have brought within our borders….

The Afghans have in fact a rape culture. US servicemen have been forced not to interfere (those who did were given a talking to) when they saw young boys being molested by men. This has been well documented. There is in fact a hierarchy in cultures.

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Rape of teenage boys

Published Friday, March 10 at 16:23
“We have not dared to talk about this subject”

It is described as a new phenomenon in Sweden, that boys are subjected to gang rape by other boys or men, and in almost all cases which led to convictions have been both victims and perpetrators with roots in Afghanistan.


Hear Aftonbladet Kerstin Weigl , who for some time have investigated this phenomenon, and police Mustafa Panshiri traveling around the country to meet with unaccompanied children and talk about how it is to live in Sweden.


– I’ve written a lot about crime in my 30 years as a journalist, but this was something I had not heard of before, explains Kerstin Weigl.


During her research, she found five court cases where teenage boys raped by other teenage boys.


– It is not a gigantic social problem, but these are terrible crimes with long-term brutal rapes.


Kerstin Weigl explains that she had seen from the confidential documents she has taken part of the show that these boys often seem to live in the gang, but close relationships with adults.


– These rape seems to be used as punishment for real or imagined wrongs.


Mustafa Panshiris, who himself came to Sweden from Afghanistan when he was 11 years old, now travels around Sweden to meet with unaccompanied minors. He believes that this is a phenomenon that occurs in communities where it separates the sexes.


– Homosexuality is taboo, but these actions are not seen as sexual acts.


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