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Austria: Afghan asylum seeking Muslim settler wanted on suspicion of 12 sexual assaults…….


Enriching us all with each victim……

Afghan asylum seeker sought on suspicion of 12 sexual assaults

AN asylum seeker who is suspected of sexually assaulting at least 12 women has finally been tracked down by police.

The unnamed man, a 25-year-old from Afghanistan, has finally been captured by officers who believe he is behind the mass attacks which have been happening in Austria.


Officers arrested him in the capital Vienna last week for the sickening molestations which have been happening in the Favoriten neighbourhood of the city. It is believed he forced himself on at least 11 women since November last year.


Police say they were hunting only one attacker for all of the crimes as the perpetrator carried out the same routine for every attack.


Each time, he followed the women in the hours of darkness around two specific blocks in the neighbourhood.


He then suddenly grabbed them from behind, lifted them up and with pushing movements suggested sexual actions.


He then groped the women’s breasts and intimate parts as they struggled to get away.


In one case a woman fought back so hard that her attacker bit her on the face.


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