Sweden: Five Afghan teens who gang-raped Swedish boy to be deported…….


So if they had a ‘link’ to Sweden, they wouldn’t be deported. Think on that one.

“In this case the court of appeals notes that the boys do not have a link to Sweden. Then you also try the issue whether it’s possible to execute a deportation order. In this case the appeals court does not have its own expertise, but relies to a significant extent on the Migration Agency’s opinions,” added Wersäll.

Also, if not for their political ruling class, the boy would not have been raped at all.

Court orders teens who raped boy to be deported

Five teenagers convicted of raping a boy in Uppsala are to be deported, an appeals court has ruled, partially overturning a previous verdict which said they should stay in Sweden.

The teens, aged 16-17, forced the younger boy into a wooded area in the Gottsunda district of Uppsala in October last year and then gang-raped and beat him at knife-point.


In December, Uppsala District Court sentenced four of them to one year and three months in a closed facility for juvenile offenders, and the fifth one, aged 16, to one year and one month.


However, it refused the prosecutor’s request to also send them back to Afghanistan after they had served their punishment, given their age and the security situation in the country.


The latter point was then also brought before the appeals court, which threw it out on Wednesday, ordering their deportation and banning them from returning to Sweden for ten years.


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