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Anne Marie Waters to UKIP: Face up to Islam, or die……..


Get with it, or face oblivion…..politically and UK society.

Across the world, the crimes committed in the name of Islam are innumerable. Moderate Muslims have never been able to stop these crimes, and nor will they. Not only is Islam behind the world’s only medieval theocracies, but crimes against girls, homosexuals, women, Christians and atheists are countless. On top of this, Islamic terror groups, whose cruelty knows no limits, slaughter innocents in every corner of the world.

UKIP must face Islam, or die

My political priorities, post-Brexit, have become very simple. The party that’s most willing and able to stand up to Islam will get my vote.”

That was a tweet from @meganne121 last week and she is not alone. There is enormous and growing public concern about Islam, and our politicians seem to have no idea.


Last year, a ComRes poll said that 56% of Britons believe Islam is incompatible with the British way of life. They’re right, it is. Note that the public’s concern is with Islam, not fundamentalist or extremist or radical or any kind of ‘ism’, but Islam. The public gets it, the politicians don’t. More recently, 47% of Brits said they wanted immigration from Muslim countries banned. This goes even further than Donald Trump. The people get it, the politicians don’t.


If UKIP wants to stand out and offer a real alternative, it can offer what nobody else will – law and order.


To oppose the horrors that accompany Islam and return the sovereignty of the British electorate (isn’t that why we left the EU?), we must restore law and order. The British majority must be heard again. The ordinary Brit who doesn’t fit in to any ‘victim’ category, but often pays the bills for those who do, are now the least important demographic in Britain, and they want a party that will change that. There must be a party to represent that 56%.


People increasingly understand that Islam is not just another religion, it is a full and complete system of life; it governs everything from political leadership to eating habits.


Across Britain, imams control little sharia ghettoes, a situation replicated across Europe. They care nothing for the laws of the country in which they live, and insist on self-policing. We have for decades allowed them to do this, and the result is what can be expected – we are accommodating and facilitating barbarism and undermining the authority of British law. What was the point in fighting the EU for our sovereignty only to hand it over to imams instead?


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