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UK: Somali caller to Nigel Farage on LBC insists Trump’s ban not strict enough…….


Now that’s interesting……..

‘It’s not strict enough!’ Somalian caller shocks Nigel Farage on Trump’s travel ban

NIGEL FARAGE was stunned as a Somalian caller insisted that President Donald Trump’s new travel restrictions were not strict enough.


The caller was angry about how the travel restrictions targeted only some countries and accused the President of thinking of himself with the policy.


Ahmed, the caller, fumed on LBC suggesting that the President ignored some nations for his own financial interests.


However when speaking to host Nigel Farage the caller explained that the policy was too liberal and should include more nations.


The caller said:  “I am from East Africa myself, from Somalia and I’ve been in this country for 27 years, I’m a dual citizen, I’m a British citizen, and I am a Somali citizen.


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