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Netherlands: Imam who wished Ayaan Hirsi Ali to die supports Turkish led DENK Party…….


Tunahan Kuzu is the same man who refused to shake Israel’s PM, Bibi Netanyahu while on a state visit in the Hague…..


Turkish Parliament Member of Party Denk Tunahan Kuzu (L) refuses to shake hands with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to the States General at the Binnenhof, in the Hague, the Netherlands, 07 September 2016. EPA/BART MAAT (Newscom TagID: epalivetwo345725.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Extremist Imam supports Denk Party

The extreme Salafist Imam Fawaz Jneid has advised his supporters to vote in the Dutch elections for the Denk party led by the Turkish born Tunahan Kuzu. He did so in a video message in Arabic. In the past he has wished death and terrible sicknesses on Ayaan Hirisi Ali and Theo van Gogh, who has murdered in 2004.




Salafist hate Imam Fawaz Jneid give voting advice to supporters: choose DENK (THINK)

Extremist Kieskompas is even more welcome in radical mosque

In a video message, the Salafist hate imam Fawaz Jneid called on his supporters to vote for THINK. “It seems that this party is better than other under these conditions,” he said according to The Associated Press in Arabic.


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