Islam in China ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic (Nazi) State video´threatens “rivers of blood” for the Chinese…….


Islamo-totalitarians vs. Chi-Com totalitarians……

‘We will shed blood like rivers’ Now ISIS threatens CHINA in shocking execution video

A SHOCKING video unleashed by the Islamic State depicts a child executing a “prisoner” as the heinous death cult threatens to take down China and “shed blood like rivers”.


The video shows the Chinese flag engulfed in flames, scenes of armed children and teenage boys, undergoing religious and military training, before executing an alleged informant.

In one horrifying scene, a child referred to as Abd al-Rashid al-Turkistani, executes a kneeling prisoner. The child is shown pointing a gun at the victims head and before pulling the trigger.


A jihadi addresses the camera and declares war on China. He said: “Oh, you Chinese who do not understand what people say!

“We are the soldiers of the Caliphate, and we will come to you to clarify with the tongues of our weapons, to shed blood like rivers and avenging the oppressed.”


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