Crime ridden Sweden report: New figures show increase in fatalities due to firearm violence…….


Not looking good for head-in-the-sand Swedish politicos…..

New figures: Fatal violence with firearms increases


Fatal domestic violence decreases.


While lethal violence with firearms against men increased.


At the same time the new good report, “Crime Trends in Sweden” that the proportion of victims of sexual crimes has increased clearly during the last three years, until 2015.


The deadly violence has declined in the 2000s, but during the measurement period for the report ranging between 2001 and 2015, crime type has never been as common as the latest figure, for 2015, when it was registered 112 cases.


“The decline of 2015 with a high number of victims has not affected the overall reduction in the deadly violence in the 2000s, but the level remains lower than at the beginning of the period,” it says in Bras report.


During the 2000s, the lethal violence against women in intimate relationships and lethal violence against children decreased.


Violence with firearms increases


Meanwhile, deadly violence against men with firearms increased in recent years. From 2010-2011, the years 2014-2015 the proportion increased from about 22 to 31 percent. According to the report, it is mainly the criminal conflicts that have increased.


More here in Swedish


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