Islam in Austria MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Austrian police free mentally handicapped woman from her Muslim settler Afghani rapist…….




By David Frankenhuis


A woman in the Austrian city of Linz had to be rescued by police this weekend from the clutches a sex offender from Afghanistan. The migrant had lured the victim, who is slightly mentally challenged, in his car and took her to his home in the Ebelsberg district, where he raped her.


After the sex attack, the woman managed to gather her belongings and flee to the bathroom, where she called the emergency number. “I don’t know where I am,” the shocked victim said by phone. The operator then advised her to open a window and call for help, which she did, Kronen Zeitung reports.


A passer-by soon noticed the woman’s screams and alerted the police. The victim was subsequently freed and the Afghan was arrested. He denies all charges.


Previous attacks


These past few months Austria witnessed an array of sexual assaults committed by Afghans and other people coming from the Islamic ‘civilisation’, even spawning calls for curfews for refugees.


One of the most shocking recent attacks in this series occurred in Vienna on February 7, when a 17-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan tried raping a 31-year-old woman who was in the company of her two young children. The violent molestation attempt took place on Danube Island, where the young mother had to fight for her life in order to avoid rape. After she bit the refugee in the face, he fled, but could nevertheless soon thereafter be detained by the authorities. The young migrant may have made more victims, police fear.


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