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Marine Le Pen blasts EU for sanctions against Russia, pledges her feality……..


This is the kind of leader one needs to both cheer (from a strategic point of view), while arm twisting her behind closed doors……


I doubt she’s playing Putin for a chump like President Trump is currently doing, France has more ideological affiliations with Russia than it has with the US, she’s a real nationalist populist, Trump is just an American who reached its highest office (though he head fakes to similar domestic voices). She would readily form an alliance with the neo-Russian empire (goodbye Crimea and the Ukraine) for any quick gains for France, as she seeks to replace Germany as the regional power player.


NOTE: I champion her call for an end to the EU, what should however remain in its ashes is an economic free trade zone. That’s it. Her ploys to use Russia as a wedge against other European states and the US needs to be opposed. If she wins in the next election, watch Russia’s influence grows within her administration, lots of joint ventures and don’t forget that Russian oil that Reagan was sole vehemently opposed to. Also watch for France threatening to leave NATO.


Marine Le Pen BLASTS EU for Russia sanctions & pledges ‘not to forget their WW2 sacrifice’

MARINE Le Pen has slammed the EU for “giving the order” to forget the sacrifice made by Russia during Second World War.


The Front National leader said it was time to “secure Russia to the European continent” and hit out at Hollande’s decision not to sell Mistral battleships to the Cold War superpower over their actions in Ukraine.


It comes as populist leaders like Donald Trump have expressed their desire to improve relations with Russia – and eschew globalist movements like the European movement with typically anti-Russian sentiments.


Ms Le Pen said: “During the last world war she [Russia] paid the heavy price.


“The 25 million Russian and national deaths of the different nationalities of their empire have contributed to our freedom.

NOTE II: No, the EU has not been the stabilizing force keeping Europe free from war, it’s been the US taxpayer funding NATO, as well as US presence throughout the continent.

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