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Daniel Greenfield: Nuclear weapons aren’t going anywhere…….


Peace through strength, it worked then, it will work again.

When President Trump speaks of building up our nuclear arsenal, he’s just dealing with the reality of human nature. We can and should contain the spread of nuclear weapons to terrorists and terror states. But eventually the dam will break. The technology has been out there for a while.


Daniel Greenfield

Genies don’t go back in the bottle. And jelly beans don’t go back in the jar once they’re scattered all over the floor.


Obama pushed a delusional plan to eliminate nuclear weapons. Instead he wound up financing Iran’s nuclear program under the guise of trying to stop it. Meanwhile our own defensive and offensive capabilities became shakier.


It’s understandable why people would want to get rid of nuclear weapons. They’re a huge and terrifying threat. The destruction they can unleash remains unprecedented. But disarming ourselves doesn’t work. The only method of preventing a nuclear war that has been shown to work is deterrence.


Mutually Assured Destruction prevented a nuclear war.


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