ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism Muslim persecution of Christians

Murderous Islamic (nazi) State cockroaches burn Christian father and son alive, ‘their favorite prey’…….


The sooner the US bombs them out of existence the better.

Our favourite prey’ Christian father & son ‘brutally burnt alive & shot’ by ISIS jihadis

ISLAMIC State jihadi’s mercilessly murdered two members of a Christian family, days after the terror network revealed their thrill for killing religious followers.

A father and son who were members of the Coptic Christian faith, were found dead behind a school in north Sinai, Egypt, a stronghold of the terror group.


According to local reports, the son had been burnt alive whilst the father, a man in his 60s, had received multiple gunshots to the body.

In a 20-minute video posted on YouTube, ISIS encouraged militants to threaten and murder Egyptian Christians.


A masked jihadi, identified as Abu Abdallah al-Masri, claims the Coptic Pope and a number of wealthy businessmen were the group’s “favourite prey”.


Al-Masri, who was the man behind the suicide bombing at St. Mark’s Cathedral, also promised to release of imprisoned Islamists when the group takes control of the capital.

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  1. All I have to say is: thank the Good Lord Obama is out of office. He created this group to surfice his own fantasies. Obama is a sick man and needs help! Thank you God for bringing President Trump into our lives!!!

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